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Our natural limestone quarry offers an extensive selection of products.  From armour stone retaining wall, custom saw cut steps, natural stone veneers and gravel we have a top quality product to get the job done.

Our quarry is located near Buckhorn, Ontario — approximately 30 minutes north of Peterborough, Ontario — where both our quarrying and fabrication facilities reside.

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Our Products

Landscaping Stone

Our large range of armour stone sizes and our split stone will get your retaining wall built with ease.  Our garden, waterfall and rubble stone can bring natural character to any landscaping project. We offer natural, smooth and custom-cut shapes and edges to suit your style.


Steps, Curbing, Coping & Sills

Add a finishing touch to your retaining wall, driveway, window sill or anywhere else you need a stone accent. Our steps, curbing, coping and sills will have you covered. Contact the office to have your custom saw cut order arranged with ease.


Building Stone

Our building stone contains a variety of colours and looks great as an exterior or interior finish. We can custom-cut your building stone to your preference to give your project a unique look and style.


Our Services

Service is paramount at our quarry. To ensure the quality product and efficient services to which our customers have become accustom, all our natural stone products are sorted to 1″ increments and stockpiled in staging areas.  Let our skilled operators get your product on board quickly and effectively.  Our quarry is accessible five days a week 9-5, year round. We offer in-house freight services or welcome our customers to arrange transport of our product themselves.

  • Stockpiled staging areas
  • Sorted by 1″ increments
  • Custom cut stone
  • In-house freight
  • Easy pick-up

Our Projects

Below are a few of our recent projects. Visit our gallery to see more.